The Kool Ties brings you cool relief after exercising or for
headaches, sore muscles, sun burns, arthritis, carpel
tunnel syndrome, itching, and fevers.
Relief from heat, headaches, hangovers and hot flashes is
fast and easy. Migraine Relief, sun stroke and heat
exhaustion can disappear with ease. If you experience
motion sickness when traveling, Kool Ties can help. If you
work or play in the sun,  Kool Ties are immediate relief
from the heat. Kool Ties are worn around your neck and
can be cold, warm or hot. Simply put, they are a life saver!
KOOL TIES are worn around the neck or forehead.  It actually reduces your body
temperature by 3 - 4 degrees.  Therefore, comfort and performance will improve.  
It is also highly effective for bringing relief from headaches, minor sunburns,
sprains, bites and stings.
$4.00 for 1
$7.00 for 2

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